Prerequisites for participation and application


Prerequisites for participation

The programme is targeted at highly-qualified female Postdocs, researchers undertaking a ‚habilitation‘, junior scientist group leaders and junior professors in all disciplines at the universities of Halle-Wittenberg, Jena and Leipzig with

  1. at least two years of independent academic work as a postdoctoral researcher, generally following conferral of a doctorate
  2. genuine interest and clear commitment to a career in academia
  3. openness to constructive feedback
  4. willingness to take an active part in programme events


tender (PDF, 759 kB)

Your can submit an application to take part in the programme by the end of the Winter semester each year. The application phase is announced at each of the three universities.

Please send your application in writing (by post or digitally as a PDF file) with the following documents to the relevant contact address at your home university:

  1. Letter of motivation
  2. CV in tabular form (including date of conferral of doctorate and grade achieved)
  3. Brief description of current research or habilitation project
  4. List of publications and other academic achievements, if applicable.
  5. Application form (PDF, 508 kB)
  6. Privacy policy according to GDPR (PDF, 154 kB)